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American Journal of Physiology 284:g385 (2003)
Exposure to schistosome eggs protects mice from TNBS-induced colitis.
David E. Elliott, Jie Li, Arthur Blum, Ahmed Metwali, Khurram Qadir, Joseph F. Urban Jr., Joel V. Weinstock
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Clinical & Experimental Immunology 81:301 (2001)
Tumour necrosis factor alpha impairs function of liver derived T lymphocytes and natural killer cells in patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis
X. Bo, U. Broome, M. Remberger, S. Sumitran-Holgersson
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Current Opinion in Gastroenterology (2005; 21 January : 51-58)
Helminths and the Modulation of Mucosal Inflammation
David E. Elliott, Robert W. Summers, Joel V. Weinstock
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Eur. J. Immunol. 2003.33: 1439-1449
Schistosoma mansoni antigens modulate the activity of the innate immune response and prevent onset of type 1 diabetes
P. Zaccone, Z. Fehérvári, F.M. Jones, S. Sidobre, M. Kronenberg, D.W. Dunne, A. Cooke
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Faseb Journal 14:1848. 2000
Does the failure to acquire helminthic parasites predispose to Crohn’s disease?
David E. Elliott, Joe F. Urban, Jr., Curtis K. Argo, Joel V. Weinstock
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Gut 2005;54:87-90
Trichuris suis therapy in Crohn's disease
R.W. Summers, D.E. Elliott, J. F. Urban Jr., R. Thompson, J.V. Weinstock
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Gut 1998;43:29–32
A simple clinical colitis activity index
R.S. Walmsley, R.C.S. Ayres, R.E. Pounder, R.N. Allan
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Gut 1995;36:539–43
Helminths and harmony
J.V. Weinstock, R. Summers, D.E. Elliott
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Infection and immunity, Nov. 2002, p. 5931–5937
Intestinal Nematode Infection Ameliorates Experimental Colitis in Mice
W. I. Khan, P. A. Blennerhasset, A. K. Varghese, S. K. Chowdhury, P. Omsted, Y. Deng, and S. M. Collins
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Infection and immunity, Sept. 2003, p. 4996–5004
Schistosomiasis Decreases Central Nervous System Inflammation and Alters the Progression of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis
A. C. La Flamme, K. Ruddenklau, B. T. Bäckström
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Inflamm Bowel Dis - Volume 11, Number 5, May 2005
Letters to the Editor
Van Kruiningen
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Inflamm Bowel Dis - Volume 11, Number 8, August 2005
Reply to Van Kruiningen from Weinstock
R.W. Summers, D.E. Elliott, J.V. Weinstock
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International Immunology 12:623 2000
Antigen-specific cellular hyporesponsiveness in a chronic human helminth infectionis mediated by Th3/Tr1-type cytokines IL-10 and transforming growth factor-β but not by a Th1 to Th2 shift
A. Doetze, J. Satoguina, G. Burchard, T. Rau, C. Löliger, B. Fleischer, A. Hoerauf
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International Immunology 15:59-69 2003
Immunomodulation of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by helminth ova immunization
D. Sewell, Z. Qing, E. Reinke,, D. Elliot, J. Weinstock, M. Sandor, Z. Fabry
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Journal of Clinical Investigation 106:1053
Chronic immune activation associated with intestinal helminth infections results in impaired signal transduction and anergy
G. Borkow, Q. Leng, Z.Weisman, M. Stein, N. Galai, A. Kalinkovich, Z. Bentwich
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Nature medicine news feature Nov. 25. 2005
The worm has turned
C. Schubert
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Parasite Immunology 21:169:1999
Infection with Schistosoma mansoni prevents insulin dependent diabetes mellitus in non-obese diabetic mice
A. Cookie, P. Tonks, M. Jones, H. O'Shea, P. Hutchings, A.J.C. Fulford, D.W. Dunne
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Science Vol. 305 9. July 2004
Can Worms Tame the Immune System?
I. Wickelgren
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Journal of Immunology 2002
An Enteric Helminth Infection Protects Against an Allergic Response to Dietary Antigen
M.E.H. Bashir, P. Andersen, I.J. Fuss, H.N. Shi, C. Nagler-Anderson
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Parasitol Research (2007) 100:921–927
The use of Trichuris suis and other helminth therapies to treat Crohn's disease
A. Reddy B. Fried
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